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According to a recent research, 12,900 homes were destroyed from 2005-2009 due to an unattended candle. Though a property takes several years to be build, a fire can disintegrate it into nothing within a few minutes. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged because there is still hope. San Dimas Fire Restoration can bring your house back to its former state. Whether it is a residential building or an office, leave it to us. We will secure it, restore it and make it livable again.

Tips for fire restoration

Acceptance of loss is the first thing to deal with in any kind of tragedy. If your property is insured, the insurance company will help you sort things that can be salvaged, otherwise you can contact a fire restoration company for their expertise. Here are a few precautionary measures you can take before the experts arrive.

  • 1. Keep the air circulating in the house through windows and doors. If the firefighters have not disconnected electric supply, switch on all the fans so that smoke can be pushed out of the house.
  • 2. Do not attempt to clean carpet and surfaces such as walls and ceiling with water. Use vacuum with the nozzle attachment. Do not use brushes or beater bars.
  • 3. Glass surfaces and metals can be cleaned with paper towel and spray cleaners.
  • 4. For heavy soot and proliferous surfaces, chemical sponges can be used to cut the grease from the pores.
  • 5. Before repainting the walls, make sure that you house is soot free because painting over it will cause the smoke odor to trap, making it difficult to breath.

Fire Damage Restoration Services By San Dimas:

  • 24 hours’ fire damage services
  • Thirty minute onsite service
  • Services available in Los Angeles
  • All insurance billing accepted
  • Complete restoration services
  • Shortest time span for fire damage restoration

How we do it?

  • We follow standards provided by IICRC to restore smoke and fire damage in the house.
  • Sophisticated equipment is used for the cleanup so more work is possible in a limited time frame.
  • The group of restoration experts constitutes of certified and skillful professionals. They are trained according to the standards of IICRC.
  • We create customized work plans for each case and according to the need of our client and extent of fire damage.
  • Before we start, the entire procedure will be communicated to you for your satisfaction.
  • We provide you with separate cleaning and temporary storage facilities where household goods are kept till the restoration work is complete.
  • We try to salvage as many things as possible so that the process of smoke and fire remediation is cost effective.
  • We also take care of fire affected clothes and textile. Whether carpets, dresses or curtains. We clean it all so you don’t have to stress about going to separate cleaners.

San Dimas fire restoration services are provided to the entire Los Angeles area. We propose pocket friendly packages to our customer with no compromise on quality. For questions on our work plan and packages, contact us on 909-575-1438.

You can also locate us at San Dimas,CA 91773 for face to face communication.


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